DotSwarm, a Point Cloud animation application for OS X.

Animating Point Clouds is no longer impossible.



April 1st, 2015, DotSwarm v0.1

Major News - DotSwarm beta now available to download for public use. (0.1) This is our production branch that made the short film Sifted. Stand by for the full release soon, however this demo a working version free to use for non commercial use. Please see the Release Notes for a list of available features.

We recommend this for a users wishing to animate .PLY file formats.

Sifted Short Film - Made with DotSwarm

Sifted from luckybulldozer on Vimeo.

March 31, 2015, DotSwarm v0.1

This is a partial list of the many features available in DotSwarm's beta v0.1

Features include,
• Many Point Cloud Layers
• Blazingly fast native OpenGL rendering
• PLY and Custom GBP import formats
• Scaling/Rotation/Anchoring of Point Clouds and Solid Geometry
• Multiviewport Editing
• Stereographic and Depth Rendering Outputs
• SLERP Camera Paths
• Timeline Animation
• Bezier Curves for Animation Attributes
• Importing Custom Camera Paths
• Animatable Level Of Detail, Focal Length, Near/Far Cull Plane
• Stackable Transformations 
• Animated Point Cloud support
• Point Cloud Color Grading 
• 2D Image Plane Raster in 3D or 2D focal plane for Compositing


Pre-Release Notes, March 30 2015

DotSwarm begun it's journey into the world as the visualisation tool to make a short film Sifted. Now, we'd like to see what others can do with it. The software suits many applications.

• Structure From Motion - VisualSFM by Changchang Wu, Bundler, PMVS
• Microsoft Kinect hacking -
• UAV data acquisition, flight path and results
• Geospatial Data - Lidars, etc.
• Other forms of 3D Scanning    - aecho filter

We are encouraging all users wishing to animate their point clouds to give this a go! Cheers, Ben & Dan!