About DotSwarm

DotSwarm is an OS X Point Cloud processing application aimed at visualisation and animation of Point Clouds. Currently we are releasing a beta of the software that was made to create the short film "Sifted". The software supports multipule point cloud models, manipulation and animation of various parameters. The software works out of the box and is incredibly memory efficient in both CPU and GPU usage. It's fast at rendering in real-time and to disk, at unprecedented resolutions. Written in Objective C, the code is incredibly robust on the OS X platform. Native OpenGL code renders efficiently to uncompressed tiff sequences for later post-production.

DotSwarm is written by Ben Torkington.

The DotSwarm project aims to provide the best technically possible solution for visualisers of point cloud data, without the need for additional applications. We are a small organisation working on this project in our free time, however, we do not wish to compromise in the results delivered to our users. We aim to include as many good ideas for users into our software, so please contribute your suggestions to make the project better for all users and the future of the project.

We encourage the use of this software in the Artistic Visualisation of Point-Cloud data. The only specific requirement at this stage of our licensing is that LuckyBulldozer.com be able to reference this usage in the promotion of our software to gain the recognition of a wider audience. If this usage inhibits your work, please contact us.