Bug Reports

Before reporting a bug, please consider the following:

DotSwarm is in it's infancy and we accept that bugs are inevitable. Although development has forked - our main development branch is the priority at this stage, however, some bugs in the alpha can be fixed, and will also contribute to better code on our upcoming beta release, so please give us any feedback you can and lets see what we can do.

When writing your bug report, please include:
  • What you were trying to accomplish (e.g., "I am trying to add such an such to the timeline...")
  • The problem you encountered (e.g., "everything transformed the opposite way to expected, nothing happened atll, etc," or "It all just crashed.")
  • The exact sequence of events (e.g., "transformed, then switched to global mode.")
  • The full OS X console output at point of exit.
  • Sufficient information, including any required input file and project can help to reproduce the bug and confirm a potential fix, so we'd be happy if you did include them.

Feel free to go to the google group to get a consensus too. DotSwarm Google Groups